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Generally available: Public IP Capability for Azure VMware Solution

Published date: August 22, 2022

Today, we are announcing the general availability for a new Public IP capability on Azure VMware Solution. Most customer applications running on Azure VMware Solution require internet access. These applications require both outbound and inbound internet connectivity. Azure VMware Solution Public IP is a simplified and scalable solution for running these applications. With this capability, we enable the following. 

  • Direct inbound and outbound internet access for AVS to the NSX-T Edge.
  • The ability to receive up to 1000 or more Public IPs.
  • DDoS Security protection against network traffic in and out of the internet.
  • Enable support for VMware HCX (migration tool for VMware VMs) over the public internet.

Regional availability for this combined solution includes the following; Australia East, Australia South, Brazil South, Canada Central, Canada East, East Asia, East US, East US 2, Germany West, Japan East, North Central US, North Europe, South Africa, Sweden Central, UK South, UK West, West Central US, West US

With this capability, there are now three primary patterns for creating inbound and outbound internet access to resources on your Azure VMware Solution private cloud. You can learn more about each option by visiting Internet connectivity design considerations for AVS on the Azure VMware Solution documentation website. To understand how to configure a Public IP down to the NSX Edge, visit Enable Public IP to the NSX Edge for Azure VMware Solution.

For more information about the capabilities available, please visit the Azure VMware Solution documentation webpage.

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