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Announcing general availability of new M-series Msv2/Mdsv2 Medium Memory VMs for memory-optimized workloads

Published date: April 19, 2021

Today we are announcing the general availability of Msv2/Mdsv2 medium memory VM sizes providing a 20% increase in CPU performance, increased flexibility with local disks, and a new intermediate scale up-option.

These virtual machines provide unparalleled computational performance to support large in-memory databases and workloads such as SAP HANA and SQL Hekaton. 

Key features on the new M-series VMs for memory-optimized workloads:

  • Runs on Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8280 (Cascade Lake) processor offering a 20% performance increase compared to the previous version
  • Available in both disk and diskless offerings allowing you the flexibility to choose the option that best meets your workload needs
  • New isolated VM sizes with more CPU and memory that go up to 192 vCPU with 4TiB of memory, so you have an intermediate option to scale up before going to a 416 vCPU VM size

For more information on Msv2/Mdsv2 medium memory series pricing and region availability, refer to the pricing page for Windows and Linux.

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