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Public Preview: Azure Log Alerts support for Azure Resource Graph (ARG)

Published date: October 02, 2023

Azure Monitor Alerts allow you to monitor your Azure and application telemetry to quickly identify issues affecting your service. More specifically, Azure Monitor log alert rules allow you to set periodic queries on your log telemetry to identify potential issues and get notifications or trigger actions.

Until now, log alert rules have supported running queries on Log Analytics and Application Insights data. In May we introduced support for running queries also on Azure Data Explorer (ADX) tables.

We are now introducing support for running queries also on Azure Resource Graph (ARG) tables, and even joining data between Azure Resource Graph (ARG) data sources from your Log Analytics workspace and Application Insights resources in a single query.

The new ARG queries supports managed identities for Azure resources – allowing you to see and control the exact permissions of your log alert rule.


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