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New orchestration mode for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets now in public preview

Published date: March 03, 2021

Virtual Machine Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode helps customers simplify the deployment, management, and scalability of their applications. This new capability provides full control of the individual VMs within a scale set, like Availability Sets, while increasing high availability for large deployments (thousands of VMs). However, scale sets will now be able to provide several additional features compared to Availability Sets, such as higher levels of reliability and performance, ability to deploy VMs in conjunction with load balancers, support for Availability Zones etc.

IT organizations will now also be able to change VM sizes without redeploying their scale set resulting in greater operational agility. They will also be able to mix Spot Virtual Machines and pay-as-you-go VMs within the same scale set to optimize costs while managing VMs and VM scale sets using the same APIs. These new capabilities are in public preview and will help Azure you manage more effectively your business-critical applications in large scale out environments (e.g., e-commerce engines.).

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