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New generation of VPN Gateways

Published date: June 30, 2017

To improve your Azure VPN experience, we're going to introduce a new generation of VPN gateways with better performance, a better SLA, and at the same price as our older gateways.


Many customers have network intensive workloads in Azure Virtual Networks, driving the need for increased cross-premises and cross-region VPN performance. To accommodate these demanding workloads, we've re-engineered our VPN Gateway service to provide six times more performance, coupled with better reliability and backed by an even stricter SLA.


In addition to adding higher performance, we'll also provide custom IPsec/IKE policy selection, giving customers more flexibility over the VPN policies to meet compliance regulations. We'll also be enhancing the new gateways to accommodate both route-based and policy-based VPNs. Although a route-based VPN using border gateway protocol (BGP) to automatically learn routing is easier to manage, many customers have already deployed policy-based VPNs at their branch offices. The new gateways will allow multiple sites using policy-based VPNs to connect to the same gateway.


Learn more about the new Azure VPN Gateways.


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