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Azure Storage—Append Blob immutability support now generally available

Published date: March 18, 2020

Store business-critical data objects in a non-erasable and non-modifiable state for a user-specified retention interval using immutable storage for Azure Blob storage.

Append blobs allow the addition of new data blocks to the end of an object and are optimized for data append operations required by auditing and logging scenarios.

The new allowProtectedAppendWrites setting is an expansion of the Blob storage container-level immutability support. Now an append blob created in an immutability policy-protected container can continue to add new data blocks to the end of existing append blobs using the AppendBlock API. Only new blocks can be added and any existing blocks can’t be modified or deleted. The entire append blob with all its blocks is protected immutably for the duration of the defined retention policy.

Learn more about immutability.

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