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General availability: Enhanced IPv6 functionality for MultiValue profiles in Azure Traffic Manager

Published date: May 26, 2022

MultiValue (MV) Traffic Manager profiles enable you to specify a set of IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints in the same profile. MultiValue profiles are often nested under other profiles and traffic is routed from parent profiles to MultiValue profiles only if a minimum number of endpoints are healthy. This threshold of the minimum number of healthy endpoints is specified by users through the minChild parameter of the MultiValue profile.

Until now, you could only specify an aggregate number of minChild parameters and could not distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints. This worked well for dual-homed scenarios where the number of IPv4 endpoints was the same as the number of IPv6 endpoints. However, this is lacking when you have single stack IPv4-only and IPv6-only endpoints which may have different capacity and availability characteristics. 

With these enhancements, you will now be able to specify minChild property separately for IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints, enabling them to account for capacity differences in these stacks. This will offer greater design flexibility while you are chalking out your IPv6 adoption strategy.

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