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Azure Backup support for large disks up to 30 TB is now in public preview

Published date: September 12, 2019

Azure Backup support for larger and more powerful Azure Managed Disks of up to 30 TB is now in public preview. This preview provides production level support for managed virtual machines (VMs).

Key features:

  • Large disk support—The backups for your virtual machines—including each disk size up to 30 TB and a maximum of 256 TB for all disks in a VM combined—should work seamlessly without any impact to your existing backups. No user action is required to get the backups running for the large sized disks, if the virtual machine is already configured with Azure Backup. The backups for the large disks will automatically succeed without any user intervention required.
  • Decoupling of a backup job into sub tasks—As part of this preview, we are also decoupling a backup job into two tasks—'snapshot' and 'transfer data to vault.' With this capability, two backups can run in parallel for the same VM, but only one sub task can run in either phase ('snapshot' or 'transfer data to vault').  This decoupling will prevent senarios where a backup job failed due to previous day's backup job in progress.

Note: All Azure Virtual Machines with large disks having backup configured should be successfully backed up.

P.S. Encrypted VMs with disks greater than 4 TB in size are not supported as part of this preview.

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