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Azure Lab Services

Published date: May 07, 2018

Azure Lab Services, the simple and easy way to create a computer lab in the cloud, is now in preview. Azure Lab Services is an expansion of Azure DevTest Labs that allows you to create fully customized, shareable, and secure labs. This includes both centralized settings for billing, governance, compliance, security, and distributed ability to create and use resources within the lab. Azure Lab Services introduces lab archetypes that make creating a lab for some of the common customer scenarios (like classrooms, trial, and development and testing) even easier. Plus, Azure Lab Services introduces a new and simple web interface for setup and use of labs.  

Use Azure Lab Services to:

  • Provision computer labs from a quick and easy process.
  • Use one of several managed lab archetypes or build your own custom lab.
  • Create a virtual machine in a few clicks with reusable templates.
  • Schedule open hours and automated shutdowns to minimize costs.
  • Start quickly using virtual machines from pre-created pools.
  • Build Windows and Linux environments.
  • Integrate directly with your preferred continuous integration tool, integrated development environment, or automated release pipeline.

To learn more, check out  Azure Lab Services.

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