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Public preview: V2 programming model for Azure Functions using Python

Published date: October 26, 2022

Azure Functions is releasing the V2 programming model for Python. This programming model is designed to provide a Functions development experience that is more familiar to Python developers. Key features include triggers and bindings declared as decorators, importing through blueprints, and in-editor support with easy to reference documentation.

With the V2 programming model, you will benefit from:

  • A simplified folder structure, where there will be fewer files within a function application. Multiple functions in the application can now be defined in the same file.
  • Triggers and bindings will be represented as decorators, eliminating the need for the ‘function.json’ configuration file.
  • Streamlined workflow with importing through blueprints. Blueprints will also promote logical grouping of functions within the application.
  • Documentation is more easily accessible with a new ‘View Template’ option in VS Code.

Leveraging the V2 programming model will provide an improved and seamless way to create functions, with the underlying deployment, debugging, and monitoring experience remaining the same. 

Known limitations of the new model and recommended workarounds can be found here

You can learn more about the V2 programming model and get started here.

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