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Generally available: Azure Communication Services short code functionality for SMS

Published date: October 26, 2022

SMS is one of the fastest growing methods of connecting with customers, and helps businesses deliver important information almost anywhere. With SMS from Azure Communication Services, developers can easily add text messaging capabilities to their applications with features like high velocity message support, bulk messaging, two-way communication, reliable delivery, and so much more.

SMS short codes, now generally available, are short numbers typically five or six digits long, that can only be used for sending text messages. Short codes are an addition to existing number types supported by Azure Communication Services. This is important for scenarios, like two-factor authentication, promotional campaigns, or appointment reminders. With this functionality, developers can register for a new short code through an easy, automated registration service, providing many benefits for driving customer engagement at scale. 

Azure Communication Services SMS and short code functionality are also built to work with other Azure services. For example, businesses can reliably send messages while exposing deliverability and response metrics through Azure Monitor. SMS based workflows can be added into applications with a Logic Apps connector or receive SMS notifications with Azure Event Grid.

Check out this blog to learn more about how these services can work together: Prototyping sentiment analysis of SMS with Logic Apps.

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