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General Availability: Azure API Center Extension for VS Code

Published date: May 28, 2024

The Azure API Center extension for Visual Studio Code is now generally available. You can use this extension to build, discover, try, and consume APIs in your API center. 

  1. Build APIs - Make APIs you're building discoverable to others by registering them in your API center. Shift-left API design conformance checks into Visual Studio Code with integrated linting support. Ensure that new API versions don't break API consumers with breaking change detection. 

  1. Discover APIs - Browse the APIs in your API center, and view their details and documentation. 

  1. Try APIs - Use Swagger UI or REST client to explore API requests and responses. 

  1. Consume APIs - Generate API SDK clients for your favorite language including JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET, Python, and Java, using the Microsoft Kiota engine that generates SDKs for Microsoft Graph, GitHub, and more.

Click here to get started with the  Azure API Center extension for Visual Studio Code.

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