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Azure App Service support for .Net 6 now generally available

Published date: November 10, 2021

The release of .NET 6 helps developers build the apps that they want to build, for the platforms they want to target, and on the operating systems they want to use for development.  Azure App Service for .NET 6 is generally available now, meaning application developers can utilize the capabilities offered by .NET 6, and run those web apps in App Service.   

.NET 6 extends our .Net unification vision, making it easier for web and cloud developers to expose services to .NET mobile apps and share code with them. 

The Early Access feature of App Service makes it possible to provide immediate access to new language releases such as .NET 6.  This means developers can take advantage of all that .NET 6 offers today, and as new .NET 6 capabilities are released, developers can integrate them into their web apps and use App Service to deploy and scale those apps - without waiting for an App Service platform update. 

Azure App Service support for .NET 6.0 follows the .NET 6.0 lifecycle. To learn more, please refer to the .NET support policy.  

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