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Azure API Management update April 4

Published date: April 05, 2019

On April 4, we started a regular Azure API Management service update. The update includes the following bug fixes, changes, and new features:

  • You can now update the isBuffered property of a Logger through the PUT Logger call or set it through ARM templates.

  • You can now remove the Managed Service Identity associated with a service through the PATCH service call with the "identity": { "type": "None" } field.

  • You can now apply the CORS policy at all scopes.
  • The exported OpenAPI specification file will have the requestBody parameter present only if it is specified. Before, requestBody was an empty object {}, even for HEAD or OPTIONS requests.
  • We fixed a quota policy bug, which caused extensive CPU usage.
  • We fixed  a configuration synchronization bug, which might have caused intermittent 404 Not Found responses for existing APIs and operations.
  • You can now create a user with a “pending” state using the REST API call.
  • Newly registered users no longer need to re-input their password when clicking a confirmation link from an email.
  • New restrictions apply when creating a revision through the PUT API call:
    • All revisions of the API should have the same: Name, Path, Description, Protocols, ApiVersion, ApiVersionDescription, and ApiVersionSetId parameters.

    • These properties can be changed for the current revision only and the changes will be propagated to all other revisions of the API.

We deploy updates gradually. It usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to receive the updates.

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