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New services and capabilities in Azure Cognitive Services

Published date: May 06, 2019

The following new services and capabilities are available in preview in Azure Cognitive Services:

  • Personalizer is a new cognitive service for developers who want to easily embed personalization capabilities into their apps.
  • Conversation transcription— is an advanced Speech to Text capability that developers can embed into apps for in-person meeting scenarios. It transcribes conversations and captures action items in real time so meeting participants can equally engage in the discussion, identify who said what when, and can quickly follow up on next steps. 
  • Form recognizer— can embed into apps to accurately extract text, key/value pairs, and tables from documents. With just a few samples, form recognizer tailors its understanding to your documents.
  • Ink recognition is a new cognitive service that developers can embed into apps to help users get more out of digitally inked content by enabling ink recognition and manipulation capabilities. Apps can then recognize digital handwriting, common shapes, and the layout of an inked document for scenarios such as note-taking, form-filling, and document annotation.

The following will be available in containers to unlock on-premises scenarios where low latency is critical:

  • Text to speech
  • Speech to text
  • Anomaly detector
  • Form recognizer

Learn more about these new cognitive services

  • Microsoft Azure portal
  • Features

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