Azure 上的 Dynamics

制訂更具智慧的決策、更快重新設計商業程序,並使用專為 Azure 建置且在其上打造的雲端式企業資源計劃 (ERP) 解決方案,進而激發商務成長,將 ERP、商業智慧、基礎結構、計算及資料庫服務結合在一起。


"Moving to the cloud is a major step for us to stay competitive, further concentrate on adding value, and continuously increase the quality of our products."

UmbraGroup 執行長 Antonio Baldaccini


讓整個公司隨時隨地都可使用所需的商業智慧 (BI)。透過將 BI 整合至公司的 Office 工具,您便可轉換資料取得更佳的深入解析,進而更快地作出更完善的決策。

"Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its seamless interplay with other office products, BI is not just for experts anymore. We make decisions faster based on data we trust, putting us in the position not only to react just in time, but to be one step ahead."

Dynamics 365 分析員暨開發人員 Giacomo Bonora


快速轉變並適應,讓您的組織在市場中維持領先地位。簡化商務流程開發的變更,並使用一致且容易使用的 ERP 解決方案進行部署。

"Microsoft helps us to accelerate our business, and we help our customers to accelerate their business. Together, we are working on the same purposes and goals to create new sustainable urban deltas."

執行長 Meiny Prins



"As we've moved Dynamics 365 into the cloud, we no longer have equipment to maintain our existing servers. We're beginning to shut them down and minimize our footprint locally, which gives our team more time to focus on our customers."

工程與營運副總裁 Ben Hagler


更完善地規劃並預測您的商務需求。使用單一整體的檢視增加組織風險的可見度,協助 IT 部門使用前所未見的方式拓展商務,同時持續提供安全性、延展性及可靠性。

"I know how important performance and transaction speed is to a retail environment. The fact that it is running on Azure is pretty reassuring. The benchmark performance has been really good, and the replication model around our core systems that we have in production just gives you the assuredness that you will have continuity of service, as down time costs money."

營運長 Grant Taylor

在貴組織中快速開始使用 Dynamics


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