供您企業用的雲端 Spark 和 Hadoop 服務

Azure HDInsight 是唯一受完整管理的雲端 Apache Hadoop 產品,為 Spark、Hive、MapReduce、HBase、Storm、Kafka 和 Microsoft R 伺服器提供最佳化開放原始碼分析叢集,並提供 99.9% SLA 的支援。將這些巨量資料技術及 ISV 應用程式部署為受管理的叢集,以提供企業級安全性和監視功能。

具有領先業界 SLA 的可靠開放原始碼分析

快速使用企業級開放原始碼叢集類型,享有 99.9% SLA 及全天候支援。我們的 SLA 涵蓋您整個 Azure 巨量資料解決方案,而不只是虛擬機器執行個體。HDInsight 是為了完整備援性和高可用性所設計,包括前端節點複寫、資料異地複寫和內建待命 NameNode,以便在發生標準 Hadoop 實作中未解決的嚴重失敗時復原 HDInsight。Azure 也提供 Microsoft 與 Hortonworks 的叢集監視和全天候企業支援,結合了 37 個 Hadoop 核心認可程式 (比所有其他受管理的雲端提供者更多),隨時可支援您的部署,以及修正程式碼並認可回到 Hadoop。

HDInsight 適用於 Hadoop 專案,像是 Apache HBase、Apache Storm、Apache Hive、Apache Spark 及 Apache Kafka

Global Reach

Available in >25 regions globally – more than any other Big Data Analytics offering. Also available in Azure Government cloud and China.

Secure and compliant

Protect your data assets and extend your on-premises security and governance controls to the cloud with HDInsight. Get single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and seamless management of millions of identities through Azure Active Directory. Authorize users and groups with fine-grained access control policies over all your enterprise data with Apache Ranger. HDInsight meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Service Organization Controls (SOC) compliance, helping you ensure that your enterprise data assets are always well-protected. To support the highest level of business continuity, HDInsight extends capabilities for alerting, monitoring, and defining preemptive actions, and it gives you enhanced workload protection through native integration with Azure’s monitoring suite.


Visual StudioEclipseIntelliJ 等慣用開發環境中,使用適用於 Hadoop 和 Spark 的豐富生產力套件,以便支援 Scala、Python、R、Java 和 .NET。資料科學家可以組合程式碼、統計方程式和視覺效果,透過整合兩個最熱門的筆記本 JupyterZeppelin 來解析資料。HDInsight 也是唯一與 Microsoft R 伺服器整合的受管理雲端 Hadoop 解決方案。R 伺服器中的多執行緒數學程式庫與透明的並行作業,最多可處理比開放原始碼 R 多 1000 倍的資料,且速度快 50 倍,有助於您定型比以往更加準確的模型,讓預測更精準。


透過低耦合計算及儲存體,以符合成本效益的方式相應增加或減少工作負載。本機儲存體仍可用於快取和快速 I/O。Spark 和 Interactive Hive 使用者可選擇 SSD 記憶體以取得互動式效能,而 Kafka 使用者可在受管理的進階磁碟中保留所有串流資料。選擇最能充分運用資源的任何 Azure 虛擬機器類型,並只針對您使用的計算及儲存體付費。

Most extensible platform

HDInsight partners with the leading ISVs to provide a one-click, easy to use, extensible app framework.

During cluster deployment, ISVs such as Cask, Streamsets, H20.AI and more can be deployed to extend the capabilities of the Hadoop, Spark and Kafka analytics platform.

What can you build with Azure HDInsight?

Learn about use cases below:

Internet of Things + Streaming applications

Toyota’s Connected Car, Office 365, Bing Ads, are processing millions of events/sec for realtime big data processing on HDInsight through Kafka, Storm and Spark Streaming.

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Data Science + Machine Learning

Transform your business by adding intelligence to your applications and organization.

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Data Warehousing

Perform interactive query at petabyte scale over structured or unstructured data in any format, build models while connecting with your favorite BI tool.

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Hybrid with Azure HDInsight + On-premise

Extend your on-premises investments to the cloud and transform your business by leveraging the advanced analytics and BI offerings in the cloud.

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在 Azure 中建置 Hadoop 叢集的客戶

免費試用 HDInsight 叢集