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Orckestra believes in crafting strategic enterprise e-commerce services and solutions by transforming your environment into a high performance, extensible and scalable environment. We call it Commerce Freedom, or "commerce on-your-terms".

As a Microsoft partner, we can help you extend Microsoft technologies such as Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM and ERP to create end-to-end e-commerce solutions, customized for the new commerce and always focused on delivering business critical activities in an omni-channel environment:

• Channel engagement solutions to simplify your goals and optimize the customer relationship lifecycle

• E-commerce strategic services to drive your conversions by treating your website like a sales funnel, where every element is designed to persuade your visitors to take the desired actions based on your goals.

• Website strategic services to ensure you can continually maintain and optimize your site as you learn about your customers and their habits.

• Mobile strategies targeting SoLoMo initiatives and always-on engagement by using the latest cutting-edge technologies to cater to all mobile and tablet devices. We combine mobile architecture frameworks, tools, and accelerators to simplify and expedite the development and delivery of your mobile initiatives.

• Search strategic services that take your merchandising strategies into consideration for an e-commerce search strategy designed to increase retention and boost conversion rates. Through faceted navigations, personalization, targeted recommendations and even multivariate testing you are able to deliver contextually relevant and influential customer experiences, ultimately increasing your conversion rates and average order value (AOV).

• SEO & Analytics strategic services crafted to help you dominate your search engine efforts. Optimized dashboards for clear presentation of your data, highly competitive search engine visibility, and campaign tracking and insights for continual optimization are just some of the services we offer.

• Seamless user adoption solutions and services to ensure little or no repercussions when integrating any of our solutions. Our User Adoption experts help train your team, manage your ecosystem changes and optimize business engagement within your organization by breaking down barriers between departments to facilitate the development of a single, unified engagement solution.



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