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A new critical update for StorSimple Virtual Array, version 10.0.10288.0 (Update 0.3) is now available for download.

Update 0.3 contains the following bug fixes and improvements .

  • Backups: Under certain conditions backups for a ‘file share’ could fail.  If this issue occurs, the backup ‘job’ is marked as ‘failed’ and a ‘critical alert’ is raised on the StorSimple Manager Service as a notification. This issue does not affect the data on the shares or access to the data.  The root cause of this issue is fixed in this release. The fix does not apply retroactively to shares that are already seeing this issue. Customers who are seeing this issue should first apply Update 0.3, then contact Microsoft Support to resolve the issue
  • iSCSI: A rare issue observed in earlier releases where iSCSI session was disconnected when copying large amount of data to a volume on the StorSimple Virtual Array.  This issue is fixed in this release
  • New virtual disk images: New VHD, VHDX and VMDK are now available via the Azure classic portal. You can download these images to provision new Update 0.3 devices

We strongly recommend that you apply this update. The update requires a reboot of the virtual array and can be applied during a maintenance window. Should you encounter any issues, please contact Microsoft Support.

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