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Azure updates

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    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: User-defined custom repartition count

    We are extending our SQL language to optionally enable users to specify the number of partitions of a stream when performing repartitioning.

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Output partitioning to Blob storage by custom date and time formats

    Azure Stream Analytics users can now partition output to Azure Blob storage based on custom date and time formats.

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Live data testing in Visual Studio

    Visual Studio tooling for Azure Stream Analytics further enhances the local testing capability to help users test their queries against live data or event streams from cloud sources.

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Query extensibility with C# UDF on Azure IoT Edge

    Developers who create Stream Analytics modules for Azure IoT Edge can now write custom C# functions and invoke them right in the query through user-defined functions.

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Parallel SQL write operations

    To achieve fully parallel topologies, Azure Stream Analytics will transition SQL writes from serial to parallel operations while simultaneously allowing for batch size customizations.

    Sep 24

    C# UDF for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge now in preview

    C# user-defined functions (UDF) support for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge is now available in preview.

    Sep 20

    General availability: Event Hubs for Node.js

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Node.js is now generally available.

    July 2018

    Jul 3

    Increased reference data size in Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics now supports reference data with a maximum size of 300 MB.

    May 2018

    May 9

    Blob output partitioning by custom attribute in Azure Stream Analytics

    You can partition your Azure Stream Analytics output to Blob storage based on any column in the query.

    May 9

    Updated built-in machine learning models for anomaly detection in Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics now includes machine learning model support for spike and dip detection.

    May 9

    C# custom code support for Stream Analytics jobs on IoT Edge

    Azure Stream Analytics jobs on IoT Edge support C# custom code.

    May 9

    Session windows in Azure Stream Analytics

    Session windows are available in Azure Stream Analytics.

    April 2018

    Apr 12

    Substream support in Azure Stream Analytics

    Stream Analytics offers substream support to help customers process telemetry streams. The OVER keyword extends the TIMESTAMP BY clause for this purpose.

    Apr 12

    CI/CD in Azure Stream Analytics

    Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio include native support for CI/CD processes.

    Apr 12

    JavaScript user-defined aggregates in Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics​ supports extensibility with stateful JavaScript user-defined aggregates.

    Apr 12

    Stream Analytics supports compression input format

    Stream Analytics supports GZIP and Deflate streams.

    Apr 12

    Egress to Azure Functions from Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics​ now supports egress to Azure Functions.

    Apr 12

    Anomaly detection in Stream Analytics

    Stream Analytics offers built-in anomaly detection.

    Apr 12

    Stream Analytics available in new regions

    Azure Stream Analytics is available in three additional regions: UK West, Canada Central, and Canada East.

    Apr 12

    Public preview: Integration of Stream Analytics with Azure Monitor

    Integration of Azure Stream Analytics with Azure Monitoring is in preview.