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Azure updates

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    November 2018

    Nov 12

    Additional workload insights for advanced performance tuning with SQL Data Warehouse

    Azure Advisor and Azure Monitor are configured by default for SQL Data Warehouse to automatically deliver you workload insights at no additional cost. We have now enhanced this experience.

    Nov 12

    Azure Monitor log support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    SQL Data Warehouse now enables enhanced insights into analytical workloads by integrating directly with Azure Monitor diagnostic logs.

    October 2018

    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Parallel SQL write operations

    To achieve fully parallel topologies, Azure Stream Analytics will transition SQL writes from serial to parallel operations while simultaneously allowing for batch size customizations.

    Sep 24

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse streaming support in Azure Databricks.

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector now offers efficient and scalable structured streaming write support for SQL Data Warehouse.

    Sep 24

    SQL Data Warehouse now offers flexible restore points

    SQL Data Warehouse is a fast, flexible and secure analytics platform. It now provides user defined restore points, enabling you to initiate snapshots before and after significant operations on your data warehouse.

    Sep 24

    SQL Data Warehouse intelligent insights

    Get intelligent insights to ensure your data warehouse is consistently optimized for performance with SQL Data Warehouse intelligent insights.

    Sep 24

    SQL Data Warehouse Vulnerability Assessment

    SQL Vulnerability Assessment is an easy-to-use service that continually monitors your database or data warehouse, ensuring those are maintained at a high level of security at all times and that your organizational policies are met.

    Sep 24

    SQL Data Warehouse: User defined maintenance scheduling

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance scheduling is now preview. This is a new feature that seamlessly integrates the Azure Service Health planned maintenance notifications with Resource Health monitor services.

    Sep 24

    New SQL Data Warehouse performance tier SKU

    The industry-leading query performance of the compute optimized Gen2 tier of SQL Data Warehouse is now accessible to more customers through a new smaller SKU, 500DWc. With this release, get started with a powerful data warehouse in the cloud for as low as USD7.56/hour (in the US East region—price varies by region).

    Sep 6

    SQL Data Warehouse now available in Government Cloud

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 is now available in government cloud

    Sep 6

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse enables streaming solutions with Azure Databricks

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) customers can build near real-time analytics solutions with tighter integration with Azure Databricks.

    August 2018

    Aug 2

    Automatic recommendations help optimize performance with SQL Data Warehouse

    Automatic intelligent insights to optimize performance with SQL Data Warehouse

    July 2018

    Jul 25

    Accelerated and flexible restore points for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    SQL Data Warehouse has released accelerated and flexible restore points for fast data recovery.

    Jul 9

    Public preview: Azure SQL Data Warehouse extension for SQL Operations Studio

    The Azure SQL Data Warehouse extension for SQL Operations Studio is in preview.

    June 2018

    Jun 21
    Jun 14

    User-Defined Restore Points are now supported for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports User-Defined Restore Points.

    Jun 5

    SQL Data Warehouse PolyBase support for Azure Storage Encryption using customer-managed keys

    PolyBase in SQL Data Warehouse, the preferred loading mechanism, can transparently read data from the encrypted storage layer and move the data in a secure way by using the WASBS protocol.

    May 2018

    May 14

    General availability: Automatic creation of statistics in SQL Data Warehouse

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports the automatic creation of column-level statistics for streamlined maintenance.