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October 2019

Oct 21

Azure Notification Hubs updates for iOS 13


Azure Notification Hubs updates for iOS 13 - Apple's update to the push notification service and its impact to Azure Notification Hubs customers.

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November 2017

Nov 30

Azure Notification Hubs .NET SDK now compatible with .NET Standard 2.0

Azure Notifications Hubs .NET SDK now runs on any .NET platform, including .NET core for back-end environments.

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June 2016

Jun 14

Batch send notifications to device tokens using Notification Hubs

The Batch Direct Send feature of Azure Notification Hubs simplifies custom device storage and migration scenarios.

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May 2016

May 19

Namespace-level tier selection enabled for Notification Hubs

Notification Hubs recently enabled namespace-level tiers so that customers can allocate resources tailored to each namespace’s expected traffic and usage patterns.

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May 18

Deploy geo-fenced push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs

We published a tutorial that explains how to deliver location-based push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs and Bing Spatial Data, leveraged from within a Universal Windows Platform application.

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