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Azure updates

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    November 2018

    Nov 14

    Azure Cognitive Services Containers are in preview

    Deploy Azure Cognitive Services on-premises and on the edge with container support in Cognitive Services. Cognitive Services containers allow developers to use the same intelligent APIs that are available in Azure, but with the flexibility that comes with Docker containers.

    Nov 14

    Azure Cognitive Services new enhancements

    New enhancements include Logo Detection in Custom Vision Service and Translation improvements.

    October 2018

    Oct 17

    Azure Cognitive Services available in new regions

    New regions are now available for Azure Cognitive Services. The Content Moderator, Computer Vision, Face, Translator Text, and Language Understanding (LUIS) Services are now generally available in US Government regions.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Azure Cognitive Services—Speech Service now generally available

    Speech service is now generally available, combining the following capabilities in one service: speech-to-text; text-to-speech; custom speech; and speech translation.

    July 2018

    Jul 16

    Public preview: Speech SDK 0.5.0 for Cognitive Services

    Version 0.5.0 of the Speech SDK for Cognitive Services has been released with support for UWP, .NET Standard, and Java; feature updates; and bug fixes.

    June 2018

    Jun 7

    Cognitive Services Speech SDK June 2018 update

    Cognitive Services Speech SDK 0.4.0 has been released with additional functionalities of audio input stream support and detailed output format support, along with bug fixes.

    May 2018

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Custom Vision Service API

    Custom Vision Service API aims to identify trained objects and show their location within images.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Computer Vision API

    Computer Vision API represents a collection of state-of-the-art image-processing algorithms, designed to return information based on visual content and to help generate suitable thumbnails.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Bing Visual Search API

    Bing Visual Search API is a new service that delivers intelligent image understanding capabilities from Bing.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Bing Statistics

    The Bing Statistics add-in provides metrics such as call volume, top queries, API response, code distribution, and market distribution.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Bing Custom Search API

    Bing Custom Search API is an easy-to-use, ad-free search solution that lets you build a search experience and query content on your website or across a selected set of websites or domains.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Language Understanding speech to intent

    Language Understanding (LUIS), a machine learning-based service, offers simple tools to build your own language understanding models (intents/entities) to help any bot or app provide natural language-based user interactions.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | QnA Maker API

    QnA Maker API provides a web-based service to train AI to respond to questions in a natural, conversational way.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Microsoft Speech Services

    Microsoft Speech Services, with an important set of updates, lets you access speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and speech translation APIs in one unified offer on the Azure portal.

    December 2017

    Dec 21

    Preview: Azure SDK for Go 12.0.0

    Preview version 12.0.0-beta of the Azure SDK for Go is now available to help you use Azure services from Go applications. To get it, run `go get -u` or use dep.

    May 2017

    May 11

    Microsoft Cognitive Services—Custom Vision Service

    Custom Vision Service will soon be available in public preview. It's a new, easy-to-use, customizable web service that will learn to recognize specific content in imagery, powered by state-of-the-art machine-learning neural networks that become smarter with training.

    May 11

    Microsoft Cognitive Services—Video Indexer

    Video Indexer will soon be available free in preview. This new service will represent one of the industry’s most comprehensive video AI services.

    May 11

    Microsoft Cognitive Services—Custom Decision Service

    Custom Decision Service will soon be available in preview. This new service will help you create intelligent systems with a cloud-based contextual decision-making API that will adapt with experience.

    May 11

    Microsoft Cognitive Services—Bing Custom Search

    Bing Custom Search, soon to be in preview, will let you create a highly-customized web search experience that will deliver better and more relevant results through a commercial grade service. Featuring a straightforward user interface, Bing Custom Search will enable you to create your own web search engine without a line of code.

    May 2

    Custom Speech Service

    Custom Speech Service (formerly the Custom Recognition Intelligent Service) will let you customize Microsoft's speech-to-text engine.