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Azure updates

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    December 2018

    Dec 4

    Azure Backup simplifies data protection and protects against ransomware.

    Azure Backup is simple to use because it’s a modern software-as-a-service application built into the platform to give you the latest updates while reducing management.

    November 2018

    Nov 1

    Enterprise backup for SQL Servers in Azure Virtual Machines

    Users can backup their SQL Servers running in Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). This workload backup capability is built as an infrastructure-less, pay-as-you-go service that uses native SQL backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to backup SQL servers running in Azure IaaS VMs.

    October 2018

    Oct 6

    Azure Backup available in Australia Central regions

    Target availability: September, 2018

    Azure Backup has expanded its operations to Australia Central and Australia Central 2.

    Oct 3

    Azure Backup now supports Standard SSD Managed Disks

    Target availability: October, 2018

    Azure Backup supports Standard SSD Managed Disks, a new type of durable storage for Azure virtual machines.

    August 2018

    Aug 28

    Public preview: Azure Backup for SQL Server on Azure VMs

    You can use the Azure Backup service to help protect SQL Server instances running on an Azure VM.

    April 2018

    Apr 19

    Azure Backup now supports network-restricted storage accounts

    Azure Backup now supports storage accounts that are secured with Azure Storage firewalls and virtual networks.

    Apr 17

    Recovery Services vault limit increased to 500 vaults per subscription per region

    Recovery Services vault limit increased to 500 vaults per subscription per region.

    Apr 10

    Integration of Azure Backup into VM create experience

    You can now enable backup of virtual machines while creating them from the Azure portal.

    Apr 10

    Azure Backup now supports BEK encrypted Azure virtual machines

    Azure Backup now supports backup and restore of Azure virtual machines encrypted using Bitlocker Encryption Key(BEK) for managed or unmanaged disks.

    Apr 10

    OMS Monitoring solution for Azure Backup using Azure Log Analytics

    Now you can use your Operations Management Suite (OMS) workspace and Azure Log Analytics to monitor backups across Recovery Services Vaults and Subscriptions.

    March 2018

    Mar 16

    Azure Backup is now available in France

    Azure Backup is now available in Azure France.

    Mar 16

    General availability: Support for large disk backup and improvements for backup/restore

    Azure Backup now supports backup of large disks and a set of backup and restore improvements based on a new VM backup stack.

    February 2018

    Feb 27

    Public preview: Azure Backup integration with Azure Files

    You can back up file shares automatically based on policy and restore instantly to a point in time by using the Azure portal.

    Feb 27

    General availability: Application consistent backup for Linux VMs by using Azure Backup

    We're excited to announce the general availability of application consistent backup for Linux VMs running in Azure by using Azure Backup.

    Feb 22

    Using Azure Log Analytics and an OMS workspace to monitor Azure backups

    You can use your OMS workspace and Log Analytics to monitor Azure backups across Recovery Services vaults and subscriptions.

    Feb 6

    Integration of Azure Backup into the VM creation experience

    Azure Backup provides the capability to back up a virtual machine while you're creating the VM in the Azure portal.

    January 2018

    Jan 9

    Azure Backup now supports BEK-encrypted Azure virtual machines

    Azure Backup supports backup and restore of virtual machines that have managed or unmanaged disks encrypted through BEK or through a combination of BEK and KEK.

    November 2017

    Nov 21

    Storage Service Encryption for Azure Backup data at rest

    Enabling Storage Service Encryption at rest for all new data coming to Azure Backup from on-premises and in cloud.

    August 2017

    Aug 2

    Azure Backup available in US DoD and new Azure Government regions

    Azure Backup has expanded its service to cover all Azure Government regions.

    July 2017

    Jul 27

    General availability: Instant file recovery from Azure VM backups

    Instant recovery of files from Azure VM backups is generally available.