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Azure updates

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    December 2018

    October 2018

    Oct 23

    Classic alerts in Azure Monitor to retire in June 2019

    The classic alerting and monitoring functionality in Azure Monitor is scheduled for retirement.

    Oct 16

    Application Insights is available in Central India and Canada Central

    Application Insights is now available in Central India and Canada Central.

    August 2018

    Aug 30

    New log experience in the Azure portal

    We have brought the Analytics portal in Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Log Analytics into the Azure portal.

    July 2018

    Jul 24

    Free course on the Log Analytics query language (KQL) now available

    Learn KQL (the query language used in Application Insights and Log Analytics). Go from a beginner to a pro in just a few hours through a free, exercise-driven course.

    Jul 24

    All Analytics custom logs are now grouped under the schema “Custom Logs” category

    Tables for custom logs now appear in the "Custom Logs" category, rather than the "Log Management" category.

    Jul 2

    New features for Azure dashboard tiles: resize and edit query

    There's a new option to resize and edit the query of Log Analytics and Application Insights Analytics tiles pinned to Azure dashboards.

    June 2018

    Jun 27

    Application Insights multistep web tests GUID migration

    Effective August 1, 2018, we’re making a change that will allow web tests to be paid with MSDN credits. This change will affect the GUID.

    Jun 11

    Tags to group, filter, and search APIs, operations, and products

    Users can add and manage tags—text labels—to APIs, operations, and products. Tags allow better group, filter, and search in deployments with a large number of entities.

    Jun 11

    Azure API Management integration with Azure Application Insights

    The Azure API Management integration with Azure Application Insights is now available. With this integration, you now have the ability to troubleshoot and debug APIs more effectively by adding API Management telemetry into Application Insights,

    May 2018

    May 22

    General availability: Log alerts for Application Insights

    Log alerts for Application Insights are generally available as part of Azure Monitor.

    May 18

    Public preview: Query across applications in log alerts

    Cross-app query support is in preview, as part of log alerts for Application Insights.

    April 2017

    Apr 6

    Azure Functions integration with Application Insights

    With minimal effort, you can add Application Insights to your Azure functions and have a powerful tool for monitoring your applications.

    November 2016

    Nov 28

    Application Insights: Telemetry data will require HTTPS

    Application Insights will no longer accept telemetry data sent using HTTP. Additionally, we recommend updating the JavaScript SDK snippet to download the SDL library via HTTPS.

    Nov 22

    Application Insights: General availability in additional regions and resource location update

    Application Insights is generally available in East US, South Central US, West Europe, and North Europe. The US resource location has changed to align with the location of analytics data.

    January 2016

    Jan 22

    A new way to deploy VSTS in the Azure portal

    Learn about the differences you may encounter when you set up a deployment from source control in the Azure portal.

    October 2015

    Oct 13

    Application Insights: More control of availability tests

    Now you have more control over availability web tests; can reduce the number of a false-positive alerts; and can control the frequency of tests, the number of failed locations that cause an alert, and the test interval.

    August 2015

    Aug 12

    Application Insights tiles enabled for auto-refresh

    Application Insights tiles are enabled for auto-refresh

    July 2015

    Jul 23

    Application Insights blade usability

    Blade usability is standardized. This may affect customized pages.

    June 2015

    Jun 24

    Application Insights supports exporting data to Excel

    Application Insights enables exporting charts and tables from Metric Explorer to Excel files.