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    Need filesviews for the ambari

    We are unable to create the files view on ambari

    Make the Managed Identity available from inside the cluster

    We recently added User-Assigned Managed Identities to our HDInsight clusters, but were disappointed to find out that we can't use these MIs to access other resources such as Key Vaults.Please expose the Managed Identity to the code running inside the cluster, to allow us to make our systems more secure.P.S.: The workaround suggested in the docs ( is cumbersome, unclear (a concrete example would have helped here) and (if I understand it correctly) does not allow for easy certificate rotation.

    In-place upgrade support

    We'd appreciate if you could support in-place upgrade. Especially for Kafka, this could make it easier to upgrade component version without changing any connected systems like producer/consumer.

    Need the ability to choose a custom VM size/server

    Need the ability to choose a custom VM size/server as edge node for HDInsight cluster

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