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    Allow resize of Gateway node

    User love hive and user being user like to dump large data out from their hive connection, at the moment seems gateway that "build-in" into HDI cluster are limiting this capability. Please allow us to scale up the gateway node to bigger spec to support more concurrent and larger dataset.

    How to add debezium

    I was wondering how can I sync postgres database changes using kafka hdinsight? In our current kafka environment we are using devezium to produce the messages.

    To grant access for Cluster nodes API in HDI ESP enabled cluster for Azure AD users with Ambari admin role other than Cluster Admin user

    The node details of HDInsight clusters can be retrieved via API call using the below endpoint https:///ws/v1/cluster/nodes/ Apache wiki Reference: Currently the support is there for Non-ESP HDI cluster where any local user in cluster group can access it. In ESP HDI cluster, only the cluster admin user(super user) has the access to it. Even if we give Ambari admin role for AAD domain users, its not able to access the endpoints and retrieve the cluster node details. We need this feature where AAD user with Ambari Administrator role should be able to access the API and retrieve cluster node details.

    Support changing timezone settings on cluster nodes

    The customer is planning to monitor the logs on each nodes in case of failure and would like to change the time zone settings on host operating system of each nodes. This is not supported on HDI cluster now. Appreciate if you could consider supporting this.

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