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Network Watcher

Network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution

  • Remotely capture packet data for your virtual machines
  • Monitor your virtual machine network security using flow logs and security group view
  • Diagnose your VPN connectivity issues

Automate remote network monitoring with packet capture

Monitor and diagnose networking issues without logging in to your virtual machines (VMs) using Network Watcher. Trigger packet capture by setting alerts, and gain access to real-time performance information at the packet level. When you see an issue, you can investigate in detail for better diagnoses.

Gain insight into your network traffic using flow logs

Build a deeper understanding of your network traffic pattern using Network Security Group flow logs. Information provided by flow logs helps you gather data for compliance, auditing and monitoring your network security profile.

Diagnose VPN connectivity issues

Network Watcher provides you the ability to diagnose your most common VPN Gateway and Connections issues. Allowing you, not only, to identify the issue but also to use the detailed logs created to help further investigate.

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Network Watcher pricing

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  • No termination fees

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