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Container Services

Accelerate your containerized application development without compromising security.

Save costs by lifting and shifting your existing applications to containers, and build microservices applications to deliver value to your users faster. Use end-to-end developer and CI/CD tools to develop, update, and deploy your containerized applications. Manage containers at scale with a fully managed Kubernetes container management and orchestration service that integrates with Azure Active Directory. Wherever you are in your app modernization journey, accelerate your containerized application development while meeting your security requirements.

Find the Azure service for your container needs

If you want to Use this
Deploy and scale containers on managed Kubernetes Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Deploy and scale containers on managed Red Hat OpenShift Azure Red Hat OpenShift
Build and deploy modern apps and microservices using serverless containers Azure Container Apps
Execute event-driven, serverless code with an end-to-end development experience Azure Functions
Run containerized web apps on Windows and Linux Web App for Containers
Launch containers with hypervisor isolation Azure Container Instances
Deploy and operate always-on, scalable, distributed apps Azure Service Fabric
Build, store, secure, and replicate container images and artifacts Azure Container Registry