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Conversational language understanding

A feature of AI Language that uses natural language understanding (NLU) so people can interact with your apps, bots, and IoT devices.

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Add custom NLU to your apps

Build applications with conversational language understanding, a AI Language feature that understands natural language to interpret user goals and extracts key information from conversational phrases. Create multilingual, customizable intent classification and entity extraction models for your domain-specific keywords or phrases across 96 languages. Train in one natural language and use them in multiple languages without retraining.

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Language studio simplifies creation, labeling, and deployment for your custom models.

No machine-learning experience required.

Configurable to return the best response from multiple language applications.

Enterprise-grade security and privacy applied to both your data and trained models.

Quickly build a custom, multilingual solution

Quickly create intents and entities and label your own utterances. Add prebuilt components from a wide variety of common available types. Evaluate with built-in quantitative measurements like precision and recall. Use the simple dashboard to manage model deployments in the intuitive and user-friendly language studio.

Train a multilingual solution to tag, evaluate, deploy and sample.

Build a natural language processing solution

Use seamlessly with other features within Azure AI Language, as well as Azure Bot Service for an end-to-end conversational solution.

Improve your apps with the next generation of LUIS

Conversational language understanding is the next generation of Language Understanding (LUIS). It comes with state-of-the-art language models that understand the utterance's meaning and capture word variations, synonyms, and misspellings while being multilingual. It also automatically orchestrates bots powered by conversational language understanding, question answering, and classic LUIS.

Explore conversational language understanding scenarios

An enterprise-grade conversational bot being trained

Build an enterprise-grade conversational bot

This reference architecture describes how to build an enterprise-grade conversational bot (chatbot) using the Azure Bot Service framework.

Commerce chatbot

Together, Azure Bot Service and conversational language understanding enable developers to create conversational interfaces for various scenarios, such as banking, travel, and entertainment.

A diagram showing how you can control IoT devices using a voice assistant

Controlling IoT devices using a voice assistant

Create seamless conversational interfaces that understand natural language with all your internet-accessible devices—from your connected television or fridge to devices in a connected power plant.

Conversational language understanding is the next generation of Language Understanding (LUIS)

Conversational language understanding
Language Understanding (LUIS)
Transformer-based, state-of-the-art models 
Is included
Train in one natural language and use the model in multiple languages without retraining
Is included
Orchestrate between multiple language application
Is included
Interoperable with Bot Framework SDK
Is included
Is included
Interoperable with Bot Framework Composer  
Is included
Run on premises or at the edge with containers  
Is included
Annotate, train, evaluate, and deploy models with language studio
Language Studio

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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See how companies are applying Language Understanding (LUIS) and conversational language understanding models


Vodafone transforms its customer care strategy with digital assistant built on Azure AI Services

"We used Azure AI Services and Microsoft Bot Framework to deliver an instantly responsive, personal expert into our customers' pockets. Providing this constant access to help is key to our customer care strategy."

Paul Jacobs, Group Head of Operations Transformation

MVP Health Care


LaLiga boosts engagement with its own virtual assistant

"It's the easiest and most natural way for humans to interact, so we wanted to give our fans that option. They don't need to navigate through an app to find information, they just ask a question in plain language."

Alfredo Bermejo, Digital Strategy Director, LaLiga



Progressive extends Flo to better serve customers

"By using Microsoft Azure Bot Services and AI Services… we've been able to continue our own Progressive journey of digital innovation and do it in an agile, fast, and cost-effective way."

Matt White, Marketing Manager, Personal Lines Acquisition Experience, Progressive Insurance

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Frequently asked questions about conversational language understanding

  • Conversational language understanding is the next generation of LUIS. It comes with state-of-the-art language models and technology that understand the utterance's meaning and easily captures word variations, synonyms, and misspellings, all while being multilingual immediately out of the box. It also comes with orchestration for you to directly connect to conversational language understanding projects, custom question answering (formerly QnA Maker) knowledge bases, and even classic LUIS applications.

  • Please refer to its pricing page.

  • It uses native multilingual technology to train your intent classes and entity extractors. For example, train a project in English, and query it in French, German, or Italian, and still get the expected results for intents and entities. Add data in different languages in case the results of any of the languages aren't performing as well.

  • Complex conversational services like chatbots require more than just one language project to serve its scenarios. Create orchestration projects and connect to conversational language understanding projects, custom question answering knowledge bases, and classic LUIS apps. Each connection is mapped to an intent in the orchestration project. A query to the project will predict which intent is best suited to the query and route it to the connected project, and return with the connected project's response.

  • Conversational language understanding supports multiple languages.

  • Follow the documentation for orchestration.

  • LUIS will continue to be supported and maintained as a GA service.

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