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Azure Functions provide a serverless development experience supporting a robust set of event triggers and data bindings.

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Azure Functions consumption plan is billed based on per-second resource consumption and executions. Consumption plan pricing includes a monthly free grant of 1 million requests and 400,000 GB-s of resource consumption per month per subscription in pay-as-you-go pricing across all function apps in that subscription. Azure Functions Premium plan provides enhanced performance and is billed on a per second basis based on the number of vCPU-s and GB-s your Premium Functions consume. Customers can also run Functions within their App Service plan at regular App Service plan rates.

Meter Price Free Grant (Per Month)
Execution Time* $-/GB-s 400,000 GB-s
Total Executions* $- per million executions 1 million executions
*Free grants apply to paid, consumption subscriptions only.

Note—A storage account is created by default with each Functions app. The storage account is not included in the free grant. Standard storage rates and networking rates charged separately as applicable.

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Functions are billed based on total number of requested executions each month for all functions. Executions are counted each time a function is executed in response to an event, triggered by a binding. The first million executions are included free each month.

Resource consumption

Functions are billed based on observed resource consumption measured in gigabyte seconds (GB-s). Observed resource consumption is calculated by multiplying average memory size in gigabytes by the time in milliseconds it takes to execute the function. Memory used by a function is measured by rounding up to the nearest 128 MB, up to the maximum memory size of 1,536 MB, with execution time calculated by rounding up to the nearest 1 ms. The minimum execution time and memory for a single function execution is 100 ms and 128 mb respectively. Functions pricing includes a monthly free grant of 400,000 GB-s.

Azure Functions can be used with Azure IoT Edge at no charge.

Premium plan

Azure Functions Premium plan provides the same features and scaling mechanism used on the Consumption plan (based on number of events) with no cold start, enhanced performance and VNET access. Azure Functions Premium plan is billed based on the vCPU and memory that your functions consume.

Meter Price
vCPU duration vCPU: $-
Memory duration Memory: $-

Functions Proxies

The same pricing applies to Functions Proxies. A proxy is a function that is triggered by an HTTP request. Memory used by a proxy is less than 128 MB. Proxy execution time is the round-trip time (request to response), because the proxy needs to stay up to keep the HTTP connection alive. If a proxy triggers a function, the function execution and memory usage is counted separately.

Pricing example

A function with observed memory consumption of 512 MB executes 3,000,000 times during the month and has an execution duration of one second. Monthly billing would be calculated as follows:

Resource Consumption Billing Calculation

Resource consumption (seconds)
Executions 3 million executions
Execution duration (seconds) 1 second
Resource consumption Total 3 million seconds
Resource consumption (GB-s)
Resource consumption converted to GBs 512 MB / 1,024 MB
Execution time (seconds) 3 million seconds
Total GB-s 1.5 million GB-s
Billable resource consumption
Resource consumption 1.5 million GB-s
Monthly free grant 400,000 GB-s
Total billable consumption 1.1 million GB-s
Monthly resource consumption cost
Billable resource consumption 1.1 million GB-s
Resource consumption price $-/GB-s
Total cost $17.6

Executions billing calculation

Billable executions
Total monthly executions 3 million executions
Monthly free executions 1 million executions
Monthly billable executions 2 million executions
Monthly executions cost
Monthly billable executions 2 million executions
Price per million executions $-
Monthly execution cost $-

Total consumption billing calculation

Total monthly cost
Monthly resource consumption cost $17.6
Monthly executions cost $-
Total monthly cost $-

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