Azure Front Door Service Pricing Preview

One secure entry point for delivering globally performant hyperscale applications

Azure Front Door Service is a service that offers a single secure global entry point for web applications, APIs, content and cloud services. Through a single pane of glass and global infrastructure, Azure Front Door enables Azure customers to build, manage and secure their global applications and content, migrate to cloud and modern microservice architectures and improve their users’ experience.

Azure Front Door Service

Azure Front Door Service adds a premium option to our ‘routing’ portfolio. It was built to support Microsoft’s largest businesses (O365, Bing, Skype, Teams, Azure DevOps, Windows, Xbox) over the last 5 years and offers a mature, tried and tested enterprise platform that can deliver performance and capabilities of the highest quality.

For a full list of details on features included in Azure Front Door Service, please refer to the Azure Front Door Service documentation.

Azure Front Door Service Pricing*

Outbound Data Transfers Zone 11 Zone 21 Zone 31 Zone 41 Zone 51
First 10 TB /Month $0.085 per GB $0.125 per GB $0.25 per GB $0.14 per GB $0.17 per GB
Next 40 TB (10-50 TB) /Month $0.075 per GB $0.11 per GB $0.213 per GB $0.12 per GB $0.145 per GB
Next 100 TB (50-150 TB) /Month $0.065 per GB $0.095 per GB $0.18 per GB $0.1 per GB $0.123 per GB
Over 150 TB /Month Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

1 For Zone details, please refer to the FAQ below.

*Currently in public preview. Outbound Data Transfer rates are reduced during this period.

Routing Rules Price per Unit Pricing Unit
First 5 routing rules $0 Per Hour
Per additional routing rule $0 Per Hour

*Currently in public preview. Routing Rules will be free during this period.

Inbound Data Transfers $0.005 per GB

*Currently in public preview. Inbound Data Transfer rates are reduced during this period.

Support & SLA

  • Need tech support for preview services? Use our forums.
  • No SLA during preview period. Learn more.


  • The following geographic areas correspond to the zones for Azure Front Door Service as listed above.

    • Zone 1—North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Zone 2—Asia Pacific (including Japan)
    • Zone 3—South America
    • Zone 4—Australia
    • Zone 5—India


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