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Fast and highly scalable data exploration service

Azure Data Explorer is a highly scalable and secure analytics service that enables you to do rich exploration of structured and unstructured data for instant insights. Optimized for ad-hoc queries, Azure Data Explorer enables rich data exploration over raw, structured, and semi-structured data delivering fast time to insight. Query with a modern, intuitive query language that offers fast, ad-hoc, and advanced query capabilities over high-rate data volumes and varieties.

Service Features

Pricing Features

An Azure Data Explorer cluster is a pair of engine and data management clusters which uses several Azure resources such as Azure Linux VM’s and Storage. The applicable VMs, Azure Storage, Azure Networking and Azure Load balancer costs are billed directly to the customer subscription.

Azure Data Explorer clusters are billed on a per minute basis. Azure Data Explorer charges you for each VM in the cluster as well as Azure Data Explorer markup for some components of a cluster. Azure Data Explorer markup is proportional to the number of the VM vCores running in the engine cluster.

Pricing Details

Component Pay as you go One year reserved
(% Savings)
Three year reserved
(% Savings)
Azure Data Explorer markup $- $- $-

Azure Data Explorer Markup is not charged for Development tier clusters. For Engine V3 Preview clusters, Azure Data Explorer Markup will not be charged until May 17, 2021.


Azure Data Explorer offers two types of instance families depending on your workload needs. Storage optimized instances are ideal for workloads that need fewer queries over a large volume of data. Compute optimized instances are well suited for high rate of queries over a smaller data size.

Developer Tier

Use the Developer tier to develop and test applications. The developer tier does not offer an SLA and should not be used for applications in production.

Instance vCPU(s) Storage Support & SLA Pay as you go One year reserved
(% Savings)*
Three year reserved
(% Savings)*
D11 v2 2 76 GB None $- $- $-
E2a v4 2 18 GB None $- $- $-

* The pricing includes reserved instances for both Azure Data Explorer and Compute

Azure Data Explorer will also charge for Storage and Networking charges incurred

Storage Optimized instances

To estimate your Azure Data Explorer cost, visit the cost estimator page.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan.
  • Developer tier and Engine v3 preview clusters does not offer an SLA.

Frequently asked questions

  • We charge Azure Data Explorer Markup for fast data ingestion, caching, querying and manageability capability of Azure Data Explorer. The charge is directly proportional to the number of engine vCores in the Azure Data Explorer cluster.
  • You can choose to run as many engine nodes as you want. The number of engine nodes largely depends on how much data you ingest and your query performance requirements. You can also use Azure Data Explorer’s auto-scale function to dial up and dial down the number of engine nodes. The number and type of data management nodes are auto selected for you depending on your data ingestion needs. Data management nodes are either D3 v2 or D13 v2 VM’s.
  • Azure Data Explorer clusters run engine nodes and data management nodes. Depending on your workload needs, you can choose the number of engine management nodes. The service auto selects the type and number of data management nodes. For your engine nodes, you will be billed for Azure VM costs as well as Azure Data Explorer Markup.

    For example, let’s say you run a Azure Data Explorer cluster for 100 hours in East US 2. Let’s assume you choose 8 D13 v2 instances for engine nodes, and the service auto selects 2 D3 v2 instances for data management nodes. The billing would be the following:

    Engine Nodes:
    VM cost for 8 D13 v2 instances —100 hours x 8 instances x $0.598/hour = $478.4
    Azure Data Explorer markup for 8 D13 v2 instances —100 hours x 8 instances x 8 vCores/instance x $0.11/vCore = $704

    Data Management Nodes:
    VM cost for 2 D3 v2 instances — 100 hours x 2 instances x $0.229/hour = $45.8

    The total cost of running this Azure Data Explorer cluster for 100 hours would be: $1228.2

    Depending on your data retention policy, you will also incur networking and storage charges as a result of using Azure Data Explorer.

  • When ADX Cluster is stopped/paused, all the compute resources are decommissioned. All the Storage artifacts are still preserved and once ADX cluster is started again, Compute is deployed with the same Storage artifacts. When the cluster is stopped, customers are only billed for underlying storage accounts. ADX Markup is only calculated on Engine compute resources and when cluster is stopped, ADX markup is not charged.
  • Data Management service is deployed as part of ADX Cluster deployment and is responsible for implementing data ingestion pipelines and hygiene background tasks for Engine service. Data Management service instances are using the applicable SKU size from the Da_v4 series when possible and there is no markup charge for this service.
  • All the resources that Azure Data Explorer uses such as VMs, Storage and ADX markup are eligible for reserved instances discount. In particular, Azure Data Explorer reserved instances helps you save money by offering a discount if you prepay for one year or three years of provisioned throughput. Reserved instances provide a billing discount and does not affect the runtime state of your resources. You can buy a reserved instances for Azure Data Explorer in the Azure portal. To learn more about this, read Azure Data Explorer documentation.


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