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We are excited to preview a set of Azure Resource Manager Application Program Interfaces (ARM APIs) to view cost and usage information in the context of a management group for Enterprise Customers. Azure customers can utilize management groups today to place subscriptions into containers for organization within a defined business hierarchy. This allows administrators to manage access, policies, and compliance over those subscriptions. These APIs expand your cost analysis capabilities by offering a new lens through which you can attribute cost and usage within your organization.

Calling the APIs

The APIs for management group usage and cost are documented in the Azure rest docs and support the following functions:

Operations supported

  1. List usage details by management group for native Azure resources
  2. Get the aggregate cost of a management group

Preview limitations

The preview release of the management group cost and usage APIs has several limitations, listed below:

  1. Cost and usage data by management group will only be returned if the management group is comprised of exclusively Enterprise Agreement subscriptions. Cost views for a management group are not supported if the group contains Web Direct, Pay-As-You-Go or Cloud Service Provider subscriptions. This functionality will be offered in a future release.
  2. Cost and usage data for a management group is a point in time snapshot of the current management group hierarchy. The cost and usage data returned will not take into account any past changes or reorganization within the management group hierarchy.
  3. Cost and usage data for a management group will only be returned if the underlying charges and data are billed in a single currency. Support for multiple currencies will be available in a future release.

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