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Private preview: Azure Backup support for confidential VMs using Customer Managed Keys

Published date: May 15, 2023

Azure Backup now supports the backup of confidential VMs having confidential OS disk encryption using Customer Managed Keys. This support is in Private Preview and is available only for subscriptions that are in the allowlist. You can sign up for the preview to enrol your subscription using the sign-up form:   

Please note: We have already announced the Limited Preview of Azure Backup support for Confidential VMs using Platform Managed Keys

Feature details: 

  • Backup is supported in all regions where confidential VMs are currently available. 

  • Backup of confidential VMs is only supported using Enhanced Policy

  • Item-level restore, Cross-region restore, and Cross-subscription restore are unsupported. Original Location Restore, Alternative-Location Restore, Restore Disks, and Cross Zonal Restores are supported. 

  • Restore is also supported in scenarios if customer accidentally loses / deletes customer managed key or key vault or disk encryption set used for encrypting confidential VM OS disk. 

  • Key rotation for Customer Manager Key used for Confidential VM is not supported. 

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