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Public preview: 2022-06-30 Azure IoT Central REST API release is now live

Published date: July 07, 2022

With the latest preview release for Azure IoT Central REST API (2022-06-30), there is now preview support for a series of new endpoints. Note: these capabilities should be leveraged to develop and test your solutions; however, you should avoid use of any preview endpoints within your production scenarios. The Azure IoT Central product group strives for high stability across all of our preview and generally available endpoints; however, it reserves the right to change the preview endpoint schema based on the customer feedback.

Here are a few key capabilities that have been added to this release:

Enrollment Groups

CRUD support for creating and managing device enrollment groups needed to enable bulk device provisioning

Scheduled Jobs

Full CRUD support for creating scheduled jobs within Azure IoT Central


CRUD support for creating and managing application dashboard definitions and programmatically defining the layout of tiles on the dashboard.

Unassociated Devices

API support for devices endpoint on devices that are unassociated or unmodeled (without a device template). You can now configure device twin properties or send commands down to these devices.

The 2022-06-30 REST API release is now live in production. You can now leverage the Azure CLI or an API development client such as Postman to test these API endpoints and develop your solutions.

Here are a set of developer resources that can be utilized to get started with the Azure IoT Central REST API:

  1. Azure IoT REST API Docs
  2. Microsoft Docs – API how-to-guides
  3. Microsoft Learning Path – Azure IoT Central REST API
  4. Azure IoT Central CLI Extension
  5. Azure IoT Central REST API Sample Companion Application
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