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Generally Available: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 now supported on Azure Virtual Machines

Published date: December 18, 2023

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.9 is the latest minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, which provides stability and security for production environments along with bug fixes and enhancements for improved performance and reliability. It also includes more features and capabilities to help customers customize their operating environment while maintaining the consistency needed for more efficient management and deployment across varied infrastructures.

Key features offered:

  • New options in RHEL streamline tasks of deployment and migration via the included image builder service and the compatibility with Convert2RHEL tool
  • The latest version of performance co-pilot included with RHEL, adds new metrics to help you monitor the performance of—and quickly detect potential issues with—more aspects of your hardware, including interrupts, non-volatile storage and external memory

RHEL 8.9 includes new Application Streams for Node.js 20, Java-21 and compiler toolkits, so developers can take advantage of the latest technology features

Visit RHEL 8.9 Release Notes and RHEL 8.9 Release Blog from Red Hat for detailed information. Visit pricing page for latest RHEL pricing information.

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