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Cognitive Services—Azure Active Directory authentication and custom subdomains are now in preview

Published date: August 07, 2019

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication allows you to authenticate to Cognitive Services using Azure AD or user principals. This capability provides greater flexibility for managing access to Cognitive Services and makes it easier to use existing policies for credential rotation and to enforce custom password standards.

The services that now support Azure AD authentication are:

  • Vision—computer vision, face
  • Language—text analytics, immersive reader
  • Search—Bing Web Search, Bing Visual Search, Bing Entity Search, Bing News Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Local Business Search, Bing Autosuggest, and Bing Spell Check

Support for the remaining Cognitive Services is coming soon.

In addition to Azure AD authentication, custom subdomains for Cognitive Services is also now enabled. Custom subdomains provide Cognitive Services customers with a unique endpoint for each resource, enabling features like Azure AD authentication, as well as other upcoming features such as Virtual Network Service Endpoint support.

To learn more, see our documentation on how to Authenticate with Azure Active Directory and our FAQs for custom subdomains.

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