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General availability: Azure IoT Central new and updated features—June 2021

Published date: July 15, 2021

Create dashboards starting with the visualization

You can now add tiles to your dashboard in a new way. Previously, to add a tile, you selected the devices and capabilities, added the tile, and then chose a visualization type. A new option for adding tiles lets you select the visualization first, then configure the tile to add the devices and capabilities to visualize. The tile configuration automatically shows only the telemetry and property types the selected tile type supports.


Azure IoT Plug and Play smartphone app

Turn your iOS or Android device into an IoT device that seamlessly connects to Azure IoT Central, showcasing the power and simplicity of IoT Plug and Play. See How to turn your smartphone into an IoT device, or download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Any/All support in rules

You can now select ‘ALL’ or ‘ANY’ when defining multiple telemetry conditions in the same rule. This lets you to create rules that trigger when either all the conditions are met or any one of the conditions is met.

Responsive UI

IoT Central pages now have responsive UI. You can resize your browser, use IoT Central on small screens, or take advantage of web accessibility features such as zoom, and IoT Central remains usable.

Billing update for blocked devices

To test your end to end solution, you may temporarily need to onboard a large number of simulated and/or real devices into your application. You can now block these devices after testing instead of removing them to exclude them from your monthly IoT Central bill.  You can block or unblock a device in the IoT Central user experience or through the IoT Central REST API.

IoT Central documentation

Try the refreshed quickstarts to use the new smartphone app and learn about IoT Edge with IoT Central in the new Learn module.

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