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What's new in Azure Log Analytics – January 2019

Published date: January 28, 2019

This post covers some of the latest updates to the Azure Log Analytics UX, to help you make the most of the log experience.

Log Analytics blade renamed

The Log Analytics blade is now called Log Analytics workspaces. It's the one place where you manage your Log Analytics experience.

Protection from losing queries on page refresh

Some users have told us they've mistakenly refreshed the page and lost their queries. Now, Log Analytics will save your queries so they don’t get lost. Note that this feature requires your browser to allow the use of third-party cookies.

Schema updates: Table preview, a new table icon, and featured tables

New icons indicate table items in the schema view, so they're easier to read.

When you're hovering over a table, a new "preview" item enables a quick execution of a query to view the table's contents.

When you're in a VM context, the new featured view enables you to see commonly queried tables to allow quicker insights.


Selecting filters

The Filter (preview) pane suggests filters that you can apply to your results. If the list doesn't include a field you'd like to filter on, you can click the new Select filter icon and add the field:



Setting a title for your charts

Add more context to your charts by using the "title" keyword to add a title. This is especially useful when you're pinning a chart to dashboards:

rendertitle                            dashboardtitle


Support made easier with your request ID

To make the debugging process easier, we've added the ability to get a query's request ID right from the UI. Select the icon, and the request ID will be copied to your clipboard:


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