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Public preview: New Generation AMD VMs - Dasv6/Easv6/Fasv6

Published date: November 15, 2023

Azure introduces the latest AMD-based VMs in public preview for the D, E, and F family VMs, built on the 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ 9004 (Genoa) CPU.  These new VMs introduce even greater performance and reliability than the previous AMD v5 VMs based on the 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ (Milan) CPU.  These new Genoa-based VMs will come in the form various series of different memory to core ratios spread across of the three VM families – the general purpose Dasv6 and Dalsv6 series, the memory optimized Easv6 series, and the compute optimized Fasv6, Falsv6, and Famsv6 series.   

The Dav6 VM series are meant to provide a good balance between memory to core ratio, while the Dalsv6 series is meant to provide a more cost-effective option for applications that require less memory.  The Easv6 VM series is built for applications demanding higher memory to core ratios.  The Dalsv5, Dasv6, Easv6 VM series have variants with and without local disks. The Fasv6, Falsv6, and Famsv6 series all have increased CPU performance in comparison to the D and E series AMD VMs and are different only in their core to memory ratio.

The new VMs are also powered by Azure Boost and come with NVMe interface for local and remote disks. Workloads can see up to 80% better remote storage performance, 400% faster local storage speeds, and 20% networking bandwidth improvement over the previous generation of AMD-based VMs.

These new VMs significantly expand the VM options available for customers of Azure AMD VMs, spanning a multitude of popular VM series of varying memory sizes and budgets. 

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