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Generally Available: Azure Monitor Alert resources now visible in the Azure portal

Published date: June 13, 2023

Historically, alerting resources (alert rules, alert processing rules, and action groups) have been hidden resources in the Azure portal. This prevented them from appearing when searching for or listing resources, and their viewing experiences was limited. We are now making these resources first class citizens in the Azure portal so they become visible in all places where resources can be viewed in the portal, and more specifically:

  • The alerting resources will now appear in the results when searching in the Azure portal’s top search bar.
  • The alerting resources will now appear when listing the resources within a subscription or resource group.
  • The alerting resources can now be viewed in a standard resource pane, providing the surface to add more capabilities going forward.
  • The alerting resources will soon be edited within this standard resource pane (the same way you’d edit any other Azure resource).

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