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Azure Advisor recommendation digests now available

Published date: May 27, 2020

Azure Advisor is launching recommendation digests, a new notification that you can configure to receive a periodic summary of your available Advisor best practice recommendations. Advisor recommendation digests help you stay up to date on opportunities for Azure optimization outside of the Azure portal.

Advisor recommendation digests are highly customizable to meet your needs. Choose how frequently you receive your digest, which recommendation categories to include (cost, security, high availability, performance, and/or operational excellence), and how to receive your digest, including by email, SMS, push notification through the Azure mobile app, webhook, and ITSM integration with popular tools like ServiceNow and PagerDuty.. Advisor recommendation digests use Azure Monitor action groups so you can repurpose your existing action groups to manage your notification preferences or create new ones and choose from all the notification methods action groups supports.

Advisor recommendation digests complement Advisor alerts to give you a more complete picture of your Azure optimization opportunities. Advisor alerts notify you about new recommendations as they become available, while Advisor recommendation digests summarize all available recommendations that you haven’t yet acted on. Together, Advisor recommendation digests and Advisor alerts help you stay current with Azure best practices.

Advisor recommendation digest documentation

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