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Azure Functions 3.0 go-live release is now available

Published date: December 09, 2019

The go-live release for Azure Functions 3.0 is now available, so it’s now possible to build and deploy 3.0 functions in production. Functions 3.0 brings new capabilities including the ability to target .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12. It’s also highly backwards compatible, so most existing apps running on older language versions should be able to upgrade to v3 and run on it without any code changes. Run 3.0 in production now and you’ll receive support for those apps. For details on creating or migrating to this production-ready 3.0 version, read the Azure Functions documentation.

While the runtime is now ready for production, and most of the tooling and performance optimizations are rolling out soon, there are still some tooling improvements to come before we announce Functions 3.0 as the default for new apps (see the progress of known tooling gaps). We plan to announce Functions 3.0 as the default version for new apps in January 2020. 

Users running on earlier versions of Azure Functions will continue to be supported and we’re not deprecating either 1.0 or 2.0 at this time. Customers running Azure Functions targeting 1.0 or 2.0 will also continue to receive security updates and patches moving forward—to both the Azure Functions runtime and the underlying .NET runtime—for apps running in Azure. Whenever there’s a major version deprecation, we plan to provide notice at least a year in advance for users to migrate their apps to a newer version.

Finally, thank you for your engagement during the 3.0 preview. The feedback received from the high level of engagement has enabled us to reach this milestone together. We look forward to announcing more exciting updates to Azure Functions and serverless for years to come.

For any issue encountered while updating your apps to 3.0, please open an issue on our GitHub repo.

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