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    July 2019

    Jul 15

    New 48vCPUs Azure Virtual Machine sizes are now available

    New 48vCPUs sizes for the Dv3, Dsv3, Ev3, Esv3, Fsv2, and Lsv2 Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are now available so you can better match your workload requirements.

    Jul 15

    Proximity placement groups are now in preview

    A proximity placement group is an Azure Virtual Machine logical grouping capability that you can use to decrease network latency among VMs.

    Jul 15

    Azure DevTest Labs—Configure your lab to use a remote desktop gateway

    Use Azure DevTest Labs to configure a remote desktop gateway for your lab to ensure secure access to the virtual machines (VMs) without having to expose the RDP port.

    June 2019

    Jun 26

    Azure Monitor for virtual machine scale sets are now in preview

    Monitor your Windows and Linux virtual machine scale sets with Azure Monitor (in preview).

    Jun 24

    Public endpoint for data traffic is globally available for Azure SQL Database managed instance

    Public endpoint enabling data traffic from the Internet and outside the virtual network is now globally available for Azure SQL Database managed instance. This capability unlocks new enterprise integration scenarios between managed instance and other information systems such are multi-tenant Azure services Power BI, Azure App service, CRM, DWH and numerous other services on the Internet.

    Jun 20

    Public Preview: Backup support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 for Azure Virtual Machines

    Azure Backup is an enterprise-scale, zero-infrastructure solution that protects SQL Server VM in Azure without the need to deploy and manage any backup infrastructure. This offering is already generally available for more recent SQL Server versions , and today we are excited to announce Azure Backup support for EOS SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 in public preview.

    Jun 19

    Just-in-time access now supports Azure Firewall

    Just-in-time (JIT) virtual machine (VM) access can now be used with Azure Firewall.

    Jun 18

    Azure Bastion - RDP and SSH over SSL - now available for Preview

    Fully managed service for seamless and secure RDP/SSH access to your virtual machines without public IP on the VM.

    Jun 18

    ExpressRoute now supports up to 4 circuits from the same peering location into the VNet

    You can now connect up to 4 circuits in a peering location to the same ExpressRoute virtual network gateway.

    Jun 12

    Azure SQL Database default configuration changing soon

    Target availability: Q2 2019

    With the latest Gen 5 hardware in place, we are making a change to the default configuration for all new Azure SQL databases and elastic pools.

    Jun 12

    Advanced Data Security available for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

    Advanced data security is now available for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Protect your SQL Server installations on Azure VMs with Microsoft’s advanced data security capabilities using just a few simple steps.

    Jun 6

    High-Performance Computing Virtual Machines are now available in West US 2, East US

    HC-series Virtual Machines, designed to provide supercomputer-grade performance and scalability with the best price-performance on the public cloud, are now generally available in West US 2 and East US.

    May 2019

    May 30

    Azure Monitor AIOps alerts with Dynamic Thresholds is now generally available

    With Dynamic Thresholds you no longer need to manually identify and set thresholds for alerts. The alert rule leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to learn metrics' historical behavior, identify patterns and anomalies that indicate possible service issues.

    May 29

    Azure Mv2 Virtual Machines offering up to 6 TB memory are now generally available

    Azure Mv2-series virtual machines offering up to 208 vCPU in 3TB and 6 TB memory configurations are now available in US East and US East 2 regions. Mv2 VMs are certified by SAP for SAP HANA OLTP and OLAP production workloads.

    May 29

    Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center is now available

    With the adaptive network hardening feature, Security Center learns the network traffic and connectivity patterns of your Azure workloads and provides you with NSG rule recommendations for your internet facing virtual machines.

    May 20

    Generation 2 virtual machines in Azure – Public Preview

    Generation 2 (UEFI Boot) Virtual Machines available in Azure for public preview

    May 18

    Azure Virtual Machines NVv2 meter name change

    Effective July 1, 2019, the meter names for Azure Virtual Machines NVv2 will change.

    May 15

    Reserved instance pricing in the Dev/Test Offer

    Reserved instances discounts are now available for VMs and Azure SQL Database instances created in your Dev/Test offer subscriptions.

    May 13

    General Availability: Public IP Prefix

    Public IP Prefix, a reserved range of static IP addresses, is generally available in all Azure public regions, China cloud regions, and Government cloud regions.