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How to buy Azure

Want to skip the Azure free account and dive right in? No problem. Whether you’re a solo developer or a big organization, there are multiple ways to buy Azure services.


Competitive pricing. No minimums or commitments.

Cancel anytime. Our most popular and flexible payment plan.

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Prepaid subscriptions

Our 12-month prepaid subscription for Azure services lets you earn discounts on the amount you prepay. If your service consumption exceeds the prepaid amount, you can make an additional prepayment to continue getting the discount, or simply pay as you go for future usage. You can pay by credit card as well as by invoice.

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Buy from a Microsoft Reseller

Cloud Solution Provider

With the Cloud Solution Provider program, work directly with a partner to design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs.

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Work with the same resellers that you may purchase Microsoft software from currently under the Open Volume License Program. Already have an Azure in Open license key? Activate a new subscription or add more credits here.

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Enterprise agreements

Large organizations who sign an Enterprise Agreement (EA) and make an upfront monetary commitment to Azure earn 4 great benefits—including flexible billing options and our very best prices.

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Member Offers

Visual Studio subscribers

Receive a monthly credit to use on any Azure service. Visual Studio subscribers get discounted hourly rates and no additional charge for using subscriber software on Azure for dev and test.

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MPN members

Get resources that help you build or expand your cloud practice. Join the Cloud Essentials program and receive a monthly credit of $100 to use on any Azure service.

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BizSpark members

Receive a monthly credit to use on any Azure service. BizSpark members get discounted hourly rates. Also, there is no additional charge for using subscriber software on Azure.

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