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As a part of our continued customer success story series, Metori Capital, an asset management company based in Paris, shared their Azure Backup story on how they have secured their data and assets using Azure Backup for years.

Customer background

Metori Capital is a pure play asset management company specialized in systematic quantitative strategies with approximately $500M of assets under their management. Their day-to-day business is to collect market data and run proprietary quantitative models to identify an optimal allocation of wealth across a wide variety of financial instruments. They then send hundreds of orders to the main futures markets across the world. In parallel, they monitor risks, reconciliations of thousands of trades, and conduct valuation of the funds they manage.

Metori Capital relies on sophisticated technology and proprietary algorithms to help it buy, sell, and manage assets in Epsilon. It needed to build an enterprise platform that could support these algorithms, meet compliance, and safeguard data. To keep pace with its goals, Metori also wanted the benefits of scalability and reliable business continuity.

Azure Backup

Metori Capital, hosting a large part of their data in virtual machines, relies heavily on Azure Backup for data protection and resiliency in a state of disaster. Their business demands guaranteed operational efficiency and scalability, and the company has all the processes fully automated and streamlined.

For all those reasons, from our inception in 2016, we decided to have our production environment 100 percent Azure hosted. Also in our business, continuity of operations is an absolute prerequisite that imposes us to demonstrate that we might be only marginally affected by any hardware, network or server outage,” — Loïc Guenin, Global head of Front Office Technologies at Metori Capital.

Azure Backup promises data availability even in situations of disaster and is what helped Metori Capital in adverse situations. The periodic business continuity and disaster recovery drills ensured security compliance at every step.

This is where Azure Backup is an important service to us: We regularly conduct “fire drill” exercises against our IT infrastructure to assess our resiliency to different kinds of disrupting events. In the context of such exercises, thanks to Azure Backup, we proved that we could deploy a working clone of our production environment on a different infrastructure, in a matter of hours,” — Loïc Guenin.


Metori Capital believes that Azure Backup provides a great return on investment by getting simple, secure, and cost-effective protection for business-critical workloads. Azure also provides Metori with enterprise capabilities it needs to stay connected to markets and investors, meet multiple compliance requirements, retain and safeguard data, and ensure business continuity – all while only paying for the services it consumes.

“Without Azure, it might have cost us 10 times more to build an environment that could cope with the future we expect,” — Nicolas Gaussel, CEO of Metori Capital Management.

Azure Backup provides a complete and dependable solution for Metori Capital’s critical workloads. It also provides them with the agility to backup their ever-growing data to Azure.

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