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    社群對於 Sys/Net 系統管理問題的回應

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    Moving On Premises Infrastructure into Azure/AWS

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    Automatically generalize VM's upon image creation

    In the Azure Gov online portal, if you create an image from a VM it will enter a fail state because it is an unprepared image. Microsoft will direct you to these docs for creating a generalized VM: All of this should be done during image creation, and new VM's created from those images should work out of the box

    I need a pre set up basic vm that i can easily connect to

    I need a prebuilt and set up vm that i can easily conect to i dont have time to set up one on yalls complicated website. Please send me a link to one

    Add ability to set VM resolution on creation

    VM resolution by default is 1024 x 768 We use the VM's to run automation on a desktop application which requires a larger resolution to appear correctly. Please add the ability to set a default resolution on creation. Appreciate there are still limits on a VM resolution but should allow the freedom we need upto the limits. We currently use a workaround with RDPwrap but this is far from ideal and does not work in all circumstances. Providing the requested feature would eliminate a huge pain point and provide a much needed improvement to our user experience.

    feature request for an extension to run during VMSS scale in operation

    feature request for an extension to run during VMSS scale in operation



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