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    Jupyter Notebook - Unable to start Kernel

    • python
    • azure
    • jupyter-notebook
    • virtual-machine
    • azure-virtual-machine

    How to get the rdssessionhost back?

    • azure
    • powershell
    • virtual-machine
    • azure-virtual-machine

    Azure: Deploy VM in another tenant

    • azure
    • azure-virtual-machine

    How do I disconnect a VM from a Log Analytics workspace that has already been deleted?

    • azure
    • logging
    • azure-sql-database
    • azure-virtual-machine
    • azure-log-analytics


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    Daylight Savings not considered in VM

    I live in UK. I created a VM, deployed in West US (of course because Azure UK/Europe is facing overloading), so when I logged into VM the time is showing 1 hour behind. I believe the Daylight saving after March 29th is not considered.

    Support for live migration for Lsv2 VMs

    As per, for Lsv2 VMs, premium storage caching, live migration and memory preserving updates are not supported. Is supporting them in the roadmap? If so, are there any timelines that could be shared?

    Allow Termination Events to be enabled on VMSS with Low-Priority/Spot

    Would like the ability to enable Termination events on Low-Priority/Spot VMSS. Low-Priority/Spot VMs currently have the ability to react to pre-emption events, but lack the ability to handle scale-in events like the regular priority, auto-scaling, Scale Sets do. I'm acknowledging that this appears to be an intentional decision (see examples below), but think that this would be useful. Terminate Notification: As well as the api response when attempting to enable it via PoSH: "Virtual Machine Scale Sets with extension scheduledEventsProfile must have property priority set to Regular"





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