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デジタル イベント: Azure Storage Day に参加する 5 つの理由


ぜひご参加ください。お客様のあらゆるワークロードに対応するクラウド ストレージ ソリューションを詳しく説明し、あらゆるユース ケースに適した Azure ストレージ ソリューションでスケーラビリティ、セキュリティ、コンプライアンスを確保する方法をご紹介します。

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – March 2021


March is an exciting month! If you need to control costs and avoid projected overages, you'll want to check out changes to Cost Management budgets. You also have a new view optimized for viewing subscription costs as well as more ways to save, learning resources, and documentation updates. Enjoy!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – February 2021


February brings two big releases for Azure Government—general availability support for Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions and the cost allocation preview. You'll also see informational insights and a new download experience in the cost analysis preview, new ways to save with Azure, learning videos, and documentation to help you troubleshoot unexpected charges. We hope you find these updates useful. Let us know what you'd like to see next!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Back up Linux virtual machines running mission-critical workloads


As organizations continue to embrace Linux, we see a growing number of enterprises running business and mission-critical workloads on Linux virtual machines in Azure. Azure Backup service offers application consistent backup of Linux virtual machines in Azure to safeguard against unintended destruction of data in your virtual machines.

Senior Program Manager