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Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – November 2020


Get your budget emails in the language of your choice, enjoy a preview of new cost views optimized for resources and reservations, and take advantage of even more ways to save money! November is as action-packed as ever. And don't forget to check out new videos and documentation updates to help you be more successful than ever in driving financial health within your organization.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – October 2020


Last month, we shared a lot of cost optimization tips and tricks. Continuing with that focus, October is all about helping you save money on Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS), database, or storage offerings. You'll also read about creating subscriptions via Azure Resource Manager deployment templates, be able to participate in a survey to streamline your experience when verifying your billed charges, and get a sneak peek at a few very early previews. Enjoy!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Migrate your Hadoop data lakes with WANDisco LiveData Platform for Azure


It’s no secret that organizations consider data as one of their most valuable assets and are investing to build their capability for data-driven decision making. While it is challenging to institute a flexible and cost-effective data estate on-premises, the cloud offers an extensive set of innovative and data-oriented solutions.

General Manager, Azure Storage

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – September 2020


While 2020 may be keeping you on your toes, September should help make your life a little bit easier with the general availability of AWS support in Azure Cost Management + Billing, allowing you to manage all your Azure and AWS costs in a single place; the preview of cost allocation, streamlining your internal chargeback process; and many, many new cost optimization tips and tricks, including a new retail, PAYG pricing API, new Advisor recommendations, and specific guidance for organizations using Azure SQL or Azure Backup. You won't want to miss this update!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure NetApp Files のリージョン間レプリケーションと新しい機能強化がプレビューに


企業が現在の環境の実情に対して適応を続ける中で、運用上の回復性がかつてないほど重要になっています。その結果、ますます多くのお客様がクラウドへの移行を加速させていて、Microsoft Azure NetApp Files を使用することで、仮想デスクトップ インフラストラクチャ、SAP アプリケーション、ミッション クリティカルなデータベースといった IT インフラストラクチャの重要な要素を強化しています。

Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Azure 共有ディスクの一般提供開始と Azure Disk Storage の新しい機能強化を発表


本日、の一般提供開始を発表します。これで、Windows または Linux をベースとする既存のオンプレミス クラスター化環境を Azure に移行できるようになります。併せて、Azure のディスクの可用性、セキュリティ、柔軟性を高める新しい機能強化についても発表します。

Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, and Edge