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On November 21, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Data Lake Store. Azure Data Lake Store is a hyperscale cloud storage for big data analytics built to the open Hadoop File System (HDFS) standard. Azure Data Lake Store provides enterprise grade security, including SSL and encryption at rest by default along with role based access control.

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of HDInsight HBase on Azure Data Lake Store. Customers can harness the power of a columnar NoSQL distributed database with the proven performance and infinite scalability of Azure Data Lake Store. Azure Data Lake Store has no limits to capacity so customers will never need to worry about the limitations of their storage system.  Furthermore, customers can store all their data and do all their analytics in one single storage account.

Here are some examples of how to leverage HDInsight HBase on Azure Data Lake Store:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – HBase can store billions of real time events coming from sensors, devices, machinery, equipment, and social media. Hadoop with HDInsight can then perform batch analysis on the data that was stored in Azure Data Lake Store.
  • Web Logs – store and index web logs and clickstream data using HBase. Hadoop with HDInsight can then do batch analysis on this data.
  • Social Sentiment – use HBase to write and store data from the social sentiment fire hose (e.g. Twitter)

We invite you to learn more through our documentation and getting started guides:

Azure Data Lake Store

HDInsight HBase

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