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Announcing Azure Storage Python Client Library 0.30 preview

Publié le 23 mars, 2016

Principal Program Manager, Azure Storage

We are pleased to announce the 0.30 preview release of the Azure Storage Python Client Library. With this version comes all features included in the 2015-04-05 REST version including support for the following features:

  • Append Blob support
  • File service support
  • Lazy Enumeration for listing APIs
  • Account SAS support
  • Table Batch refactors
  • JSON Table formatting support

The team has worked to address a lot of customer feedback and gaps to bring it up to par with our other libraries. Please see our Getting Started Docs to check out all these new features. The 0.30 release has many breaking changes, so to help transition from older versions of the library please review the latest documentation, upgrade guide, usage samples and Breaking Changes logs.

As always, we will continue to do our work in the public GitHub development branch for visibility and transparency. We are also working on fully functional samples to help you further with the Storage service and the Python library capabilities and expect to have this available soon. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions with the new library as community feedback is very important to us.

Thank you,

The Azure Storage Team